Drye's Tree Service
Professional proactive tree removal, land clearing, emergency tree removal, and stump removal are the core services of our tree services. Each job is managed as a project from assessment of tree and conditions, to completing the work with cleanup. Meeting and exceeding your expectations is the mission. Doing it right the first time is the goal. We can always provide a copy of insurance papers, public liability and workers accident coverage. Remember, an unqualified tree service company may cause more harm than good. Mark Drye’s Quality Tree service has over seventeen years of professional tree removal experience.

What We Offer

  • Trimming & Pruning – Our services include expert ornamental and shade tree pruning from grown cleaning and hazard pruning to delicate thinning and aesthetic pruning grown cleaning. These services offer many benefits that result in a healthy, attractive, and more storm resistant canopy by removing excess and dead tree branches. Thick overgrowth not only weighs the tree down making it a target for storm damage but can also cause major health issues. Dead branches invite wood-eating insects and fungi. When branches begin to grow in tight spots, they cross and rub together opening up wounds in the tree’s bark.

    • Tree Trimming Facts: to avoid insects, tree diseases and storm damage, it’s least expensive to have our climbers come out and prune your trees canopy. Our estimators offer competitive pricing for the Tree Trimming, Pruning and Crown Cleaning. Give us a call [contact page link] for an arborist solution for optimal tree health and protection from the harsh elements of winters and drought.
    • Hazardous Damage: There are situations where a tree or shrub has become hazardous due to poor structure, uprooting or dangerous proximity to structures such as homes. In these instances, removal of the tree or shrub may be the most viable option. It may also be that a large tree’s roots are causing structural damage to nearby structures. Once again, removal may be the most viable option. Trees struck by lightning typically die over time.
  • Tree Removal – This is a dangerous procedure that should only be provided by an insured certified professional. Mark Drye’s Tree Service performs this service safely after a complete assessment of the tree(s) by our experienced tree removal crews. Sometimes we use a crane, bucket truck or climber depending on how the trees are situated. Utilizing the latest rigging techniques, our goal is to safely remove your trees without damage to your property. A dying or dead tree is a major hazard to your family and property, especially during drought, storms or winter storms with ice and snow weighing down the tree limbs. The complete process from end to end is built around respecting the homeowner’s property and leaving after impeccable cleanup.

    From emergency tree removal to proactive removal, from small bushes to dangerous trees Mark Drye’s quality Tree Service has the experience to safely remove them. Mark’s seventeen year of experience provides the seasoning to determine the method and equipment best used for each job. Clearing land for construction or cleaning out limbs and trimming large trees or small, each job is done with the same care. Disaster clean-up and dangerous tree removal are several of Mark’s specialty services.

  • Stump Grinding – We offer Stump Grinding for both homeowners and business looking to eliminate that ugly tree trunk or stump left behind. If you have a dead tree or fallen tree brought about by storm damage or disease, we can help. They not only present an eye sore but also may cause more problems to other threes. An exposed tree trunk or stump is an open invitation to fungi, bacteria and unwanted wood-eating insects such as termites. These pests and disease can spread to other trees and termites are well known for infesting houses and other buildings when they are done with the bark. We can remove the trunk and or stump to the base but we highly recommend our stump grinder service. Get to the root of your problems with a stump grinder. It now only looks better, but it’s another method of pest control and arbor disease prevention. Our estimators offer competitive pricing for all your arbor needs. Call today!

  • Basic Trimming – Mark Drye takes pride in helping you keep your landscape maintained on a regular basis. His fully-equipped staff is prepared to neatly and routinely trim your trees and hedges, remove dangerous or unnecessary tree branches, and perform scheduled cleanup and maintenance on your property.

  • Land Clearing – For lots of any size, especially useful with new construction, clearing of trees, shrubs, brush, plants, bushes, trunks, stumps, and other obstacles is accomplished in an expedient manner. Hurricane and rain, snow, wind, hail, or ice storm damage often leaves properties cluttered with fallen trees and unwanted debris. Mark Drye’s Tree Service has extensive experience in efficiently clearing properties down to the soil and readying them for future projects or clearing the destruction brought in by storms.

  • Bucket Truck Services – Mark Drye’s Quality Tree Service has assisted many customers with hard-to-reach jobs by availing its operator-run bucket trucks for certain needs. Please contact us for more information and scheduling. We also offer rescuing pets from trees as a service.

Why use our services

  • Respect for your property – The most precautionary measures possible are taken when Mark Drye’s Quality Tree Service begins your tree removal job. Respect and attention are given to your personal belongings, as well as constant consideration for your lawn, landscape, vehicles, neighboring properties, and all visible elements.

  • Punctual – Mark Drye’s tree removal specialists arrive on-time so you’re never left waiting around.

  • Fast – Mark Drye’s tree removal crew work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right the first time.

  • Affordable – Mark Drye’s Tree Service offers affordable pricing and senior citizen discounts.

  • Professional – Mark Drye’s Tree Service delivers quality service in a professional process.

  • Honest – His crew is neat, reliable, truthful, and dedicated to making your tree removal experience pleasant and memorable.

  • Satisfaction – Mark Drye’s mission is to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

Service areas include but are not limited to: Alexis, Stanley, Gastonia, Lincolnton, Mt. Holly, Huntersville, Dallas, Belmont, Charlotte, North Carolina.